Pharmacy Technician Certification


Pharmacy Technician Certification (Pending DESE Approval)


Prerequisite: Health Science Laboratory 1, passed criminal background check and drug screening. Fees may apply.

Seniors only

 Employment of Pharmacy Technicians is expected to grow by 32 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations. As a result of advances in pharmaceutical research, more prescription medications are being used to fight diseases. With a National Certification for Pharmacy Technician (CPhT), you will be prepared for this job market.  The healthcare field is rapidly growing and Pharmacy Technicians are in demand in places like clinics, drugstores, in-store pharmacies and mail-order pharmacies. Skilled workers are needed to keep up with rising demand.  You will complete 12 Unit modules (approximately 120 hours) and 60 clinical hours in a local pharmacy.  Must graduate high school to take the certification exam but may register to take it up to 60 days prior to graduation. (PENDING DESE APPROVAL)