PLTW Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing


PLTW Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing


Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

Prerequisite: PLTW classes require concurrent enrollment in (or completion of) appropriate grade level math and science courses.

Maximum Capacity: 15 students per class

Robotics and CIM is the study of robotics, programming and automation. The robotic automation revolution is growing and now is featured in almost every aspect of our lives. Robotics builds the transitional phase where the physical reality fuses with the virtual world or programming. The course is an introduction to seemingly endless career possibilities of robotics and automation through real-world projects and problems. Students will work with control systems, sensors, processors and create custom-built machines to accomplish detailed tasks and the beginning levels of artificial intelligence. 

Dual Credit opportunity:

  • College dual credit is available from Missouri S&T upon completion of two PLTW-Engineering courses and with specific requirements.