Medical Terminology I


Medical Terminology I (Online)

1/2 UNIT (Semester Course)

Prerequisite: Must have passed ELA II

Juniors, Seniors

This online course is designed for students interested in pursuing many careers in health care. This course covers the basic knowledge and understanding of medical language and terminology used by healthcare professionals. Students will analyze individual word parts, such as prefixes, suffixes, and word roots, along with learning body system dynamics and practical medical language. Students will learn the basic components of medical terminology as it relates to each body system. Abbreviations and their appropriate usage are represented. Students will be able to complete element recognition and interpretation with each lesson and complete a final exam. Even though the course is online, Mrs. Stock is the online instructor, and students will report to Mrs. Stock during class time for proctoring. If a student needs to stay at the home high school to take this online course, arrangements can be made through the BTEC Counseling Office. Online learning fee for dual credit students will apply.

Dual Credit Opportunity:

  • State Fair Community College Course: HEOC 120 Medical Terminology (3 credits)