Landscaping & Turf Grass Management


Landscaping and Turf Grass Management (Available 2022-2023)


Juniors and Seniors; offered every other year in EVEN years

Prerequisite: Agriculture Science II or Instructor consent

Introduction of topics and hands on experience of the nursery and landscaping industries. Topics will range from an understanding and identification of nursery crops, transplanting techniques, landscape design, and maintenance of woody ornamentals and landscapes. Students will learn about turf grass production and management for lawns and landscapes and the use in sports areas such as golf courses, baseball, soccer, and football fields. Computerized landscape design programs will be utilized to design landscapes including plants, sidewalks, walls, etc. There will also be the opportunity to raise and landscape an area of the community or school. SAE, record keeping & FFA involvement is required.

Articulated Credit Opportunity:

  • State Technical College of Missouri (formerly State Technical College of Missouri) Course: CTG 106 Fundamentals of Turf & Grounds (3 credit hours if Ag Science II and one of the following Greenhouse Operations & Management I/II or Landscape and Turfgrass Management are completed)