Agricultural Science II


Agricultural Science II


Prerequisite: Agriculture Science I or Instructor consent

This is an intermediate level/Sophomore agricultural class in which topics such as advanced discussions of careers in agriculture, leadership/FFA activities, record keeping, and supervised agricultural experience will be taught. Also topics of plant, crop, and soil sciences, entomology, conservation/natural resources, and horticulture will be introduced. More advanced agricultural mechanization techniques will also be introduced. SAE, record keeping & FFA involvement is required. 

Articulated Credit Opportunities:

  • 1 unit State Fair Community College Course: AGRI 175 Occupational Internship (2-4 credits )
  •  State Technical College of Missouri (formerly Linn State Technical College) Course: CTG 106 Fundamentals of Turf & Grounds (3 credit hours if Ag Science II and one of the following Greenhouse Operations & Management I/II or Landscape and Turf Grass Management are completed)

Accepted by the University of Missouri toward the 3 for 1 General Science High School Credit