Floriculture (Available 2021-2022)

1 UNIT, Offered every other year in ODD years

After successful completion of Floriculture, students can earn one (1) Fine Art credit toward their graduation requirements.

Juniors and Seniors; Prerequisite:Ag Science I, Ag Science II, dual enrollment in either listed previously, or instructor’s consent.

Maximum capacity: 15 students

Introduction of topics and hands on experience of the floriculture industry. Topics will range from an understanding of flower shop operation, floral design, careers in the floriculture industry, and identification of floriculture crops. There will be the opportunity to create floral arrangements. SAE, record keeping & FFA involvement is required.

Articulated Credit Opportunities:

  • State Fair Community College Course: AGRI 175 Occupational Internship (2-4 credits)