Agricultural Leadership and Communications


Agricultural Leadership and Communications

1 UNIT and/or 1 UNIT WRITTEN COMMUNICATIONS (Counts toward a Communication Arts/Language Arts Credit for high school graduation as Written Communications)

Juniors and Seniors; Prerequisite: Agriculture Science II or Instructor consent

An advanced level communications/agricultural course designed to instruct in research, composition, and public speaking in the areas of informational, demonstration, persuasive, and motivational papers and speeches, understanding of MLA and APA citations, overview and review of basic English/language arts components (grammar, spelling, sentence structure, punctuation), weekly debate and journaling on current agricultural issues, development of job application materials including resumes and cover letters, mock interviews (face to face and phone), career and college searches, leadership and team building development and activities, agricultural sales research and presentations, development of newsletters, press releases (written and radio) and news articles, and reading comprehension and written response of motivational, team building, and leadership books.

Articulated Credit Opportunities:

  • State Fair Community College Course: AGRI 175 Occupational Internship (2-4 credits)