Virtual Education Letter

Virtual Expectations Letter from Director Risner
Posted on 12/13/2020

BTEC Students and Parents:

As we transition to virtual learning for the last 7 days of the semester, I wanted to share our BTEC bell schedule for the next 7 school days, our expectations for learning for students, and helpful hints for parents when monitoring student work.

All BTEC students are expected to log into their classes at the beginning of each period for live Zoom instruction that will take place for a minimum of 20 minutes. Students will be expected to log on for Zoom instruction at the following times:

1st period:  7:50 am

2nd period:  8:49 am

3rd period:  9:44 am

4th period:  10:39 am

5th period:  11:34 am

Lunch hour for all students and staff:  11:54 am-12:59 pm

6th period:  12:59 pm

7th period:  1:54 pm

As I anticipate some students having difficulty with the change to virtual instruction, I have added some student expectations for virtual learning.

  • Treat each day like a school day. Set a routine, stay on schedule, take short brain breaks, and complete work on a daily basis.
  • Ensure that your environment is conducive to school work and free from distractions.
  • Log into Google classroom every period and to check for updates, messages and alerts for all classes.
  • Attend all required virtual meetings.
  • View all recorded instructional videos of lessons or demonstrations in each content area. 
  • Create a plan to complete daily assignments and long-term assignments as assigned.
  • Read posts prior to submitting assignments or questions.
  • Participate actively in the course.
  • Demonstrate positive digital citizenship, online etiquette and follow learning matrix.
  • Use proper punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  • Communicate with the instructor - through Google Classroom, school email, or scheduled virtual meetings

Additionally, I have included some helpful hints for parents to assist and support their students through this change in instruction.

  • Check with your student(s) daily to make sure work is completed.
  • Ask specific questions regarding the work completed.
  • Communicate with teachers if your child is needing academic or social emotional support.
  • Call BTEC at 882-5306 if you have questions on how to access your SISK12 parent portal to check your student's grades.

Thank you to everyone for doing everything possible to ensure student success during this time of virtual learning.  It is our sincere hope and intention that this pause to in-seat instruction will slow the spread of the virus among our students and staff, allowing us to return to in seat instruction for the entire 2nd semester, beginning January 5th. 


Carri Risner, Director

Boonslick Technical Education Center